Demand Driven Planner Professional (DDPP)™ es una certificación ofrecida por el  Demand Driven Institute, la autoridad global para la educación, capacitación, certificación y cumplimiento en Demand Driven.

El DDPP™ lo obtienen individuos que pueden aplicar los conceptos de demand driven analizar un entorno y evaluarlo utilizando la metodología  Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP).  

The MRP Revolution

Evidence of a Problem

The New Normal (VUCA World)

Plossl’s First Law

Flow’s Importance in Industry

Plossl’s Law Caveat

The Bullwhip Effect

Plossl’s First Law

Flow’s Importance in Industry

Plossl’s Law Caveat

The Bullwhip Effect

“MRP versus Lean” Conflict

What “Demand Driven” Really Means

The Demand Driven Operating Model

Demand Driven MRP Intro

Six Positioning Factors

Decoupled Lead time

Matrix Bill of Material Analyses

Unique Distribution Positioning Factors

Demand Driven Versus Push and Promote

Positioning across a supply chain

Inventory – Asset or Liability?

Buffer Profiles

Buffer Zones

Calculating Buffer Levels

Recalculated Adjustments

Planned Adjustments

Manual Adjustments

Factors for Planning Adjustment Factors

Part Planning Designations

DDMRP Planning Process

Supply Order Generation for Stocked Items

DDDRP Supply Order Generation Considerations

DDMRP Simulation

Supply Generation for Non-Stocked Items

Decoupled Explosion

Prioritized Share

Challenging Priority by Due Date Buffer Status Alerts Synchronization Alerts Execution Collaboration

DDMRP Strategic Buffer Criteria

DDMRP Versus Safety Stock

DDMRP Versus Order Point

DDMRP and Scheduling

DDMRP and WIP Priority Management

Compare/Contrast MRP, Lean and DDMRP

Demand Driven S&OP (DDS&OP) DDMRP Analytics Master Settings Changes and Model Improvement DDS&OP Strategic Protection

Program Summary

Expected Benefits of DDMRP

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